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Three vacancies - 100% fill rate - 100% retention

Endomag is a medical technology company devoted to improving the global standard of cancer care. Their goal is to help women with breast cancer avoid surgery when it isn’t needed and experience better outcomes when it is. Founded in 2007, they continue to develop our unique clinical platform from their headquarters in Cambridge.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Since 2021, we have helped to establish an in-house clinical research team led by their Clinical Development Director, which has resulted in significant cost savings by eliminating CRO fees. Their success in transitioning from vendor-managed to in-house-managed trials has been driven by hiring clinical research professionals with expertise in medical device trials.

Indo Search was initially engaged to support hiring a Clinical Development Manager in 2021, and we have since successfully placed a Clinical Study Manager and, more recently, a Clinical Research Associate.


The services provided for each vacancy include;

  • Mappin - Identify target candidates.

  • Digital Job Description – detailing company history, culture, values, and direction.

  • Advertising campaign.

  • Proactive outreach campaign – medical device experienced targets.

  • Salary benchmarking for subsequent hiring budget setting (placements 2 and 3).

  • A full report including brand perception and competitor benefit analysis.

  • A pipeline of candidates for the next hire.

To boost engagement with Endomag's job openings, Indo Search created interactive digital job descriptions (DJDs) that highlight the most appealing aspects of the positions. As a result, these engaging job descriptions have attracted passive job seekers, leading to a 100% success rate in offer-to-placement conversions for Endomag.

Indo’s observations – Clinical Research Associate.

Unlike Regulatory Affairs, which typically has a low applicant rate, we received an overwhelming response of nearly 300 applicants for this role. Despite the many applicants, only a few had medical device trial experience. Nevertheless, we conducted a proactive search and identified an additional 45 potential candidates within the geographical range who had the desired experience.

We approached these passive candidates with a comprehensive digital job description, including details about the job role and Endomag's key statistics, history, growth, values, company culture, and direction. The engagement from our outreach was high, and as a result, we were able to provide Endomag with an additional three candidates.

All five submitted candidates were interviewed; the final two were from our proactive search efforts. The selected candidate accepted an offer that was £10,000 below the maximum budget allocated.

Key statistics.

  • 291 applicants – 2 candidates submitted

  • 45 passive candidates reached – 3 Submitted

  • 5 CV’s submitted, five first-round interviews

  • 2 final interviews

  • Time spent on agency briefing, interviews, internal discussions, and final agency call; 6 ½ hours (in total).

  • Total hiring time (from agency briefing to offer acceptance) 32 days

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