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Helping Vision RT reduce their hiring time by over 60%

Founded in 2001​ and with more than 200 Staff Worldwide. ​Vision RT's flagship product is a surface-guided radiation therapy that can be delivered safely to cancer patients without surgery.

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Vision RT Image 1.jpg

Vision RT approached Indo to support their hard-to-fill technical roles. Having worked with multiple agencies via a transactional relationship, they were experiencing poor fill rate and a large lead time of between 2 and 3 months.


In order to remedy this challenge, we set about working on a different approach, beginning with a thorough understanding of the company culture, working environment, leadership and services. We worked with Vision RT to develop a thorough qualification process and agree on the correct approach to the market. In doing so, this create a partnership approach to talent acquisition as we made a commitment to each other in order to fill the roles.


Furthermore, this provided an open and honest communication pathway, that allowed a quick and efficient movement to the market. Ultimately leading to a true partnership-based relationship.


This successful relationship yielded a 100% fill rate from the 5 assignments set. We also reduced the average time to hire from an average of 75 days to 27 days including a 16-day turn-a-round for one role.


Finally, each hire achieved a 100% retention rate after an agreed period including a successful Senior level Director hire.

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