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Helping deliver a replacement within 8 weeks

Originally based on technology for the detection of buried landmines, the early application to breast imaging was spun-out from the University of Bristol as Micrima in 2006​.

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Indo were approached to find a suitable replacement for an RA/QA Manager who was leaving. The main challenge was to ensure the post was filled with the right hire within 8 weeks.


With further investment at stake, Indo set about a targeted qualification process and agreed an approach to market with the client. This included mapping competitors across a large geographical location which uncovered a competitor with a high attrition rate.

Following this research we were able to identify a suitable candidate with a short notice period. This allowed us to achieve briefing to placement inside 2 weeks. Furthermore, the successful hire has continued to work with Indo on further vacancies, truly cementing the relationship.

Our work


Candidate delivered on time


Weeks from vacancy brief to placement.


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