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Are You Hiring for Office-Based Positions Against the Trend of Remote and Hybrid?

Recently, there has been a significant surge in the popularity of remote and hybrid work conditions. However, some companies may find hiring for office-based positions more suitable for their needs and circumstances, particularly within the UK MedTech industry, where talent is widely dispersed. This article will explore the considerations, challenges and tips for recruiting specialist skills in office-based roles and how to stand out in the market effectively.

The UK MedTech Landscape

While the distributed nature of the UK MedTech ecosystem means there's a wide range of talented individuals to draw from, this dispersed talent pool also poses unique challenges in finding and attracting the right professionals. Remote and hybrid working options may only sometimes be the best solution, so companies need to develop effective strategies for hiring office-based roles.

Tips for Hiring Specialist Skills in Office-Based Roles

1️⃣ Understand Your Target Talent Pool:

For successful talent acquisition, invest time and effort into researching the size and nature of potential candidates living within commuting distance of your company's offices. Segment your talent pool into active and passive job seekers and tailor your approach to each group. Thorough competitor analysis will provide insights into how other industry players attract and retain top-notch talent.

2️⃣ Identify Engaging Information:

Understand the factors which resonate with your target audience to craft compelling job advertisements and communications. For example, in the MedTech or HealthTech sector, highlighting the product pipeline, patient impact, financial stability, team dynamics, and leadership structure can pique the interest of well-qualified and like-minded professionals.

3️⃣ Promotion and Follow-Up:

Use a multi-channel approach to maximise the visibility of your job openings and attract a diverse range of candidates. Incorporate visually engaging content, such as videos, to make your company and opportunity stand out. Build a strong feedback loop with candidates—gathering feedback helps refine your recruitment strategy and supports the growth of valuable competitor intelligence.

4️⃣ Adjust Your Search:

Pay close attention to market feedback and adjust your strategy accordingly. Re-evaluate your requirements, broaden your search criteria, and continually revisit your talent pool. Maintain relationships with promising candidates—even if they don't fit an immediate need—for potential future opportunities.

5️⃣ Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience:

A critical element of successful recruitment is providing a positive experience for all candidates. Clear communication, timely feedback, and a smooth application process are crucial. Remember that even candidates who aren't ultimately hired can still come away with a favourable impression of your organization, potentially becoming advocates or future hires.

Leverage Specialist Recruiter Services

For companies that lack the time or resources to effectively carry out a comprehensive recruitment strategy, enlisting the services of a specialist recruiter can make a difference. Align yourself with a recruiter who understands the unique nuances of your industry and will commit to your needs until the perfect candidate has been placed.

It may be tempting to follow the trend of remote or hybrid work arrangements, but hiring for office-based positions sometimes remains the most effective approach. Companies in industries like MedTech can benefit from following these guidelines and fine-tuning their recruitment strategy to ensure a successful search for the very best talent.

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