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Spotlight on 5 Innovative Medical Devices Companies Born in Oxford

Explore Oxford Medical Device Innovators from 5 pioneering companies.

Oxford is quickly becoming a hub for groundbreaking Medical Devices companies, driven by its world-renowned institutions and research facilities. As a recruitment agency specialising in Medical Device recruitment, particularly in Sales, Operations, and Regulatory roles, we're delighted to highlight five thriving Oxford-born companies changing the face of the healthcare industry.


Osler Diagnostics

With a mission to revolutionise diagnostic testing, Osler Diagnostics has developed cutting-edge, portable diagnostic devices that enable rapid, precise, and cost-effective blood analysis. Their innovative technology empowers healthcare providers to make timely, informed decisions for improved patient care, offering a game-changing solution for modern diagnostics.



Prospectus aims to advance the frontiers of medical imaging in the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Leveraging advanced MRI technologies and deep learning methods, their flagship product, LiverMultiScan®, offers non-invasive, patient-centric diagnostic solutions, enabling earlier interventions and more effective treatment plans.



Refeyn has created a groundbreaking platform, the OneMP Mass Photometer, which offers a novel approach to molecule measurement. Their revolutionary technology employs light to accurately and rapidly measure individual molecules' mass, transforming how researchers analyse biomolecules, from proteins to nucleic acids, and uncovering the potential for new discoveries in diagnostics and therapeutics.



OrganOx is a pioneer in organ transplantation. They've developed the metra, a device that mimics the human body to keep a donor liver viable for up to 24 hours outside the body. This technology revolutionises the organ transplant process, providing life-saving opportunities for patients awaiting transplantation. It has the potential to increase availability and shorten waiting times significantly.



Born out of the COVID-19 crisis, OxVent—a collaboration between the University of Oxford, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and King's College London—has developed a patented, easy-to-produce mechanical ventilator. The ventilator improves accessibility, affordability, and adaptability, supporting healthcare providers in their battle against respiratory illness during emergencies and beyond.


As the Medical Device sector continues to evolve, visionary organisations like Osler Diagnostics, Perspectum, Refeyn, OrganOx, and OxVent are solidifying Oxford's reputation as a medical innovation hotbed. Stemming from world-class research and collaboration, these companies showcase the Medical Device industry's boundless potential. Success in this domain requires skilled and adaptable leaders; our agency is committed to connecting these companies with the talent needed to drive growth and innovation in Sales, Operations, and Regulatory domains.

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