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The benefits of digital job adverts

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

One of the biggest questions for hiring teams in the HealthTech and MedTech sectors is how to stand out in a crowded marketplace. When reaching out to candidates, important information is likely to become lost. Additionally, it can be challenging to amplify your brand or align the advert with your employee value proposition.

Here at Indo, we have begun using a more visual job advert, incorporating imagery, videos and other elements to provide a more exciting sight. Over *89% of candidates surveyed found these digital job adverts helped them understand more about the culture or the organisation, enabling them to know if they were more suitable. In addition, over *94% of candidates felt the embedded video and image content capability that digital job ads can include was a defining factor for them applying for the role.

What is a Digital Job Advert?

Our digital job adverts use a blend of images, videos and content. This blend can be more powerful as they allow us to provide a more visual representation of the company. Similar to an advert, we can tailor the content to engage your target audience specifically. This tailoring will likely lead to more engagement.

To see an example of a digital job advert, click here.

Why does a Digital Job advert work?

Whilst the results speak for themselves, the real benefits behind the digital job adverts are as follows.

  1. They grab the attention of your audience better than text. Therefore, they are more likely to be seen and remembered by suitable candidates.

  2. They align with your employee value proposition (EVP). When targeting top candidates, it is crucial to position your job adverts alongside your employee value proposition. A strong EVP typically means that vacancy engagement rates are higher than offer acceptance rates.

  3. They amplify your brand. Utilising a digital job advert can help project a positive brand image. This brand image is vital for brands that are creative-led.

  4. They can differentiate your company from competitors. Visual job adverts can help to set your company apart, making it stand out in a crowded job market.

How digital job adverts can elevate your company.

Using digital job adverts helps you easily stay in front of top talent, especially compared to static advertisements. In addition, you can use the digital advert to create an omnichannel experience for your users that can be built from the source material.

Furthermore, you can try A/B testing across different roles. We can help determine what works best for the target audience by adjusting headlines, creatives, and much more. This testing can give candidates a more personalised experience which is your first step to making the experience relevant.

This relevancy adds a level to your brand and makes a huge difference compared to boring job ads, with 82% of candidates suggesting they would be more likely to share the digital job adverts with their networks. This level of personalisation could be critical in a candidate's decision to shortlist your company over a competitor.

Suppose you want to learn more about why Indo Search has invested in building immersive digital job descriptions for our customers in the HealthTech & MedTech sectors. Then, contact us today and start your journey to better recruitment.

*Disclaimer: This is based on findings from the feedback of 218 candidates who engaged in digital job ads between February – May 2022

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