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What's new in MedTech and HealthTech [June].

In today's article, Indo Search Director Josh Craven looks at what is new in MedTech and HealthTech during June.

Smartphone Camera Lens Technology Revolutionises Skin Cancer Diagnosis.

Tens of thousands of skin cancer patients could be diagnosed faster thanks to a new smartphone camera lens technology. This innovative technology utilises smartphone cameras to aid in diagnosing skin cancer, potentially speeding up the detection process and improving patient outcomes.



Owlstone Medical's Handheld Breath Biopsy Device for Early Detection of Infectious Diseases.

Owlstone Medical has received a contract from the US Department of Defense's Defense Innovation Unit to develop a handheld breath biopsy device. This device aims to detect infectious diseases early by analysing breath samples, potentially revolutionising how these diseases are diagnosed and treated.


MHRA and NICE Launch IDAP to Fast-track Innovative Medical Technologies.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have joined forces to launch the Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (IDAP). This new regulatory pathway aims to accelerate the development of innovative medical technologies, providing support services to innovators and manufacturers to bring new products to patients sooner.


Medtronic Appoints Dr Ken Washington as Chief Technology & Innovation Officer.

Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, has appointed Dr Ken Washington as its Chief Technology & Innovation Officer. Dr Washington will be crucial in driving technological advancements and innovation within the company, focusing on improving patient care and outcomes.


MedTech Innovator Announces 2023 Accelerator Cohort.

MedTech Innovator, the world's largest accelerator of medical technology companies, has announced its 2023 Accelerator Cohort. This program aims to support and nurture startups in the medical technology sector, providing them with the resources and mentorship needed to thrive. Congratulations to the UK-based companies Hertility Health, Hypervision Surgical, Newrotex, and Renovos Biologics for being part of this prestigious cohort.


Digitizing Healthcare with Digital Health Platforms.

In this Q&A session, Mathias Goyen, Chief Medical Officer at GE Healthcare, discusses the potential of digital health platforms with two leading experts in healthcare IT. They explore how these platforms can accelerate the digitisation of healthcare and unlock a wide range of benefits across the sector, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.


TidalSense Raises £7.5 Million for AI-Driven Tech in Respiratory Conditions.

Cambridge-based startup TidalSense has secured £7.5 million in funding to develop its AI-driven technology for respiratory conditions further. This innovative technology aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases, potentially enhancing patient outcomes and revolutionising respiratory care.


Celebrating the Winners of the 2023 Medilink Healthcare Business Awards.

Join us in congratulating the winners of the 2023 Medilink Healthcare Business Awards. This prestigious event recognises and celebrates the achievements of companies and individuals who have significantly contributed to the healthcare industry. Stay inspired by the innovative solutions and advancements showcased by these special award winners.

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