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What's new in MedTech & HealthTech (January 2024)

Welcome to our latest blog, curated by our Director, Josh Craven. This edition brings you the latest happenings in medical technology and digital healthcare. Dive in and explore groundbreaking developments, investment news, and innovative initiatives - all of which showcase the dynamic progress made in the Medtech sector. This blog series aims to keep you informed and inspired, so sit back and enjoy the read as we delve into diverse topics ranging from acceleration programmes to compliance tools, Femtech market strategies, and surgical hologram technology advancements.

Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre Unveils 2024 Accelerator Programme

The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) has recently unveiled its 2024 Accelerator Programme, which supports startups and innovators in the healthcare sector. This program will provide participants with the necessary resources and expertise to grow and develop their ideas.


NAQ Raises £2.6M to Aid Compliance in UK and EU

Digital health company NAQ has successfully raised £2.6 million to improve compliance technology for the healthcare sector in the UK and EU. Investing in their innovation will allow businesses to manage customer information more efficiently and securely.


Building Trust When Introducing New Femtech Products

Introducing new Femtech products to the market poses a challenge for developers, who must establish trust with potential users. The MedTalk podcast discusses strategies and approaches for generating trust and successfully navigating the market.


Applications are Open for the Medilink Midlands Business Awards

Applications are now open for the prestigious Medilink Midlands Business Awards, which celebrate the achievements of medical technology companies, innovative products, and healthcare services. Don't miss your chance to be recognized for your hard work and dedication to the industry.


Arterex Announces Micromold Acquisition

Arterex, a medical device and technology industry leader, has recently announced the acquisition of Micromold, a filtration specialist. This strategic move allows Arterex to expand its portfolio further and strengthen its position in the market.


1MED to Highlight Tools Aimed at Simplifying MDR Compliance

To help medical device manufacturers maintain compliance, 1MED provides tools to simplify the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) process. Check out how 1MED's solutions can benefit businesses in the Medtech sector.


Surgical Hologram Tech Launches into Leeds Teaching Hospital

Leeds Teaching Hospital is set to introduce an innovative surgical hologram technology, which will improve visualization, decision-making, and training for surgeons. This cutting-edge development can potentially bring about a revolutionary change in surgical procedures.

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