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How INDO Search can help amplify your employee brand.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

In recent articles, we have discussed the benefits of having an employee value proposition (EVP) and how organisations can create one. However, we understand that not all companies within MedTech and HealthTech have the resources or time to create an EVP or know how to get to the right people to promote it.

In summary, we can work with you to create your EVP to amplify your brand to your intended audience. This amplification provides you with a much better choice, leading to better hiring results both now and in the future. Therefore, today, we encapsulate how Indo Search partners with your organisation to help you position your employee brand perfectly for recruitment. 

There is a growing focus on company culture and values for professionals in MedTech and HealthTec. This ever-increasing focus by professionals is forcing organisations to demonstrate clear and consistent corporate responsibility and employee branding. 

Therefore, ensuring that you communicate critical elements of your employer brand at the first point of contact makes it more likely that active and passive job seekers engage with your business and your vacancy.

So, how does Indo Search help showcase your best attributes to find the right person for your business? As we support various organisations, from early start-ups to established market leaders with varying public profiles, tactics can vary. 

For example, what if you already showcase a strong employee brand in the public domain? Alternatively, what if you are an attractive employer but need more time or resources to build this into your website and marketing material?


Some companies already have invested in analysing, building and portraying their EVP, whilst for others, their public profiles will focus more on showcasing their product than attracting talent. Either way, we can create a compelling showcase of your vacancy and company to put in front of the right people in the right way to increase engagement for better choices and more extraordinary hiring results.


To achieve this, we implement the following:

  • We build a comprehensive, branded showcase of your organisation's best parts. This branded showcase ensures you position your brand correctly in the recruitment market, which is very different from marketing yourself to your customers. 

  • We thoroughly map the target talent pools and organisations where the right talent would reside. This mapping allows us to develop a more specific list of potential candidates that align with your organisation's values. 

  • We then carefully and professionally outreach to suitable targets. Communicating in alignment with your brand, we become a straightforward extension of your company.  

  • Finally, we analyse and survey talent pools for market information, including (salary, benefits, terms etc.) and brand perception. This analysis helps us get feedback on how you are likely to perform in the market for current and future hires and to adjust our activity in real-time to bring you the best results. 

Whether you already have a strong employee brand on display or we can draw on your history, journey and direction via consultation, we work with you to bring all your best parts into one place to appeal to the type of person you are hiring. However, we also understand that different people from varying disciplines will want to see other things about your organisation, so we tailor the design of your showcase to suit your target audience.

Suppose you want to talk to someone about leveraging your employee value proposition or how to elevate your brand position to attract your next hire. Please email

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