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What's New in MedTech & HealthTech (March 2024)

Welcome to our latest blog edition, handpicked by our esteemed Director, Josh Craven. This compilation delves into contemporary advancements and breakthroughs in medical technology and digital healthcare. Uncover thrilling innovations, investment news, and pioneering initiatives emphasizing the impressive accomplishments in the MedTech sector. 

We dedicate our blog series to keeping you informed and captivated by covering a wide range of topics, entailing new regulatory frameworks, intellectual property clashes, profit boosts, virtual reality applications in training, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence in diagnostics. Without further ado, please sit back, unwind, and relish the read as we navigate the dynamic and constantly evolving landscape of MedTech and HealthTech.

The MedTech and HealthTech sectors remain at the forefront of innovation, fueled by trailblazing technologies and life-changing breakthroughs. Let's take a moment to review the major highlights that have shaped the industry in April 2024.

NHS Begins Rollout of Artificial Pancreas in Revolutionary Move

In a landmark decision, the NHS announced the initiation of an artificial pancreas rollout, revolutionizing diabetes care and management. Developed in the UK, this groundbreaking technology will help improve the lives of people with Type 1 diabetes by automating insulin delivery and better controlling their blood sugar levels. Read More

UK Medical Research Organizations Launch Competition for Innovative Healthcare Solutions

To foster advancements in medical technology, UK medical research organizations have introduced a competition to promote the creativity and development of groundbreaking healthcare solutions. Participants are encouraged to submit novel concepts across various areas, including diagnostics, therapeutics, and preventative technologies. Read More

£10 Million Robotic AI Laboratories Established to Boost Infection R&D Activities at IICoN

The Infection Innovation Consortium (IICoN) has unveiled its new £10 million robotic AI labs designed to 'supercharge' infection research and development efforts. The advanced facilities will likely enhance fundamental and translational research, fostering innovations in diagnostics, vaccines, and therapies to counter infectious diseases. Read More

Johnson & Johnson's $13 Billion Acquisition of Shockwave Medical Expands MedTech Strategy

Johnson & Johnson's recent acquisition of Shockwave Medical emphasizes its dedication to expanding its MedTech strategy. The $13 billion deal is poised to bolster J&J's portfolio and capabilities in multiple therapeutic areas, including vascular, heart, and critical care systems. Read More

Government Funds Technological Innovations with Potential to Destroy Cancers and Predict Disease

In its pursuit of game-changing medical technology, the UK Government has announced substantial funding for innovations with the potential to predict disease, destroy cancer cells, usher in innovative treatment methods, and revolutionize healthcare. Read More

Women-Led HealthTech Ventures Reap Impressive Funding Growth

Women-led HealthTech start-ups are making waves, witnessing an incredible 2,000% growth in funding in the past year. This dramatic rise highlights the numerous opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the HealthTech industry and the sheer potential of their cutting-edge innovations. Read More

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