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What's New in MedTech & HealthTech (May 2024)

Welcome to the latest and greatest in MedTech and HealthTech! May 2024 has brought forth many stories, with eye-opening advancements and transformative achievements to redefine healthcare's future. In this edition, we've curated a compelling collection of top news, including groundbreaking collaborations, significant investments, cutting-edge medical devices, innovative digital health initiatives, and the evolving regulatory landscape. Explore with us as we dive deep into the world of medical technology and celebrate the remarkable progress these industries are making in reshaping healthcare and improving patient outcomes globally.

B-Secur and Galen Data Forge Partnership for Next-Generation Cardiac Health Monitoring

B-Secur, a leading ECG biometric authentication provider, has joined forces with Galen Data, a cloud platform for medical devices, to develop advanced cardiac health monitoring solutions. This collaboration aims to accelerate innovation in personalised healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.


NHS Fast-Tracks Innovative MedTech Funding

The NHS has announced accelerated funding for innovative MedTech solutions, facilitating the swift adoption of new technologies to improve patient care. This move underscores the ongoing commitment to transforming healthcare delivery and fostering improved clinical outcomes.


Impact of General Election 'Purdah' on Key MedTech Projects

As the UK faces another general election, the medical technology sector examines the potential impact of 'purdah' on ongoing projects. Learn about the subtle implications for MedTech initiatives and the sector's progress amidst the political climate shift.


The Exact Group Invests Over £300K to Expand MedTech Capabilities.

The Exact Group, a precision engineering company, has announced a significant £300,000 investment to enhance its MedTech capabilities. This move demonstrates the firm's commitment to driving innovation in medical device manufacturing and offering advanced solutions.


Groundbreaking HealthTech Project Rolled Out in Scotland to Aid Patients and Reduce A&E Visits

An innovative HealthTech initiative has been launched in Scotland to support patients and reduce unnecessary trips to A&E. This project utilises digital health tools to ensure that individuals receive the appropriate care at the right time, ultimately transforming the patient experience.


hearX Group Advocates for Ear and Hearing Care Accessibility for All

hearX Group, a digital health startup, is championing the shift in mindset to make ear and hearing care more accessible for everyone. The company aims to raise awareness of hearing health as a global priority whilst developing innovative, affordable solutions.


The Future of UK Medical Device Regulation

As the UK continues to navigate the post-Brexit landscape, experts discuss the future of medical device regulation in the country. Gain insights into the planned regulatory pathway and the potential implications for the MedTech sector.

These stories showcase the relentless pursuit of progress within the MedTech and HealthTech industries. As we keep a keen eye on the latest developments shaping these sectors, we are reminded of their power to transform healthcare and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

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